Thursday, August 21, 2008


Okay, so we have been EXTREMELY blessed at Captured this year! Not just with business, but with the most wonderful clients in the world!! Here is just one more example of the great kids we have in our area. Laura is a senior at Deshler this year and a member of their awesome cheering squad. I'm a graduate of Deshler so you know I really love my Tigers! :-) We're hoping DHS has another great year in football this year. They kick off their regular season games next weekend so I'm so ready for some football!

You HAVE to love the shoes!! I really love a great pair of heels (especially since I'm a little "lacking" on the heighth side myself). Heels just make you feel like you are as tall as the rest of the world! lol Well, they do for me anyway. I really love it at the studio when I have on heels and Shana doesn't. I can actually look her IN the eye instead of UP to her eyes! haha

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