Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet Princess Lilly....

Meet the newest addition to my family..."Princess Lilly". We just added her to our home about two weeks ago. She is somewhere between 5-8 years old. She was a rescue dog and the lady who had her before us had had her groomed. So when my husband brought her to meet me she had PINK toe nails!! Now, I live in a house surrounded by full blooded boys. Three of them as a matter of fact. Well, 4 if you count my husband! So when I see that I have a female to join forces with me, AND her toe nails were painted pink, how could I pass that up?? She is a real sweetheart too. A little spoiled now, of course, but it feels great to have a similance of a girlfriend in the house with me now. So I obviously had to go out and buy her a cutsie little pink collar. I tried getting her to wear this really cute little sweater, but she was having nothing of it. Oh well, I guess I'll take my pink toe nail polish, pink collar and new comrade in place of cute clothing for her! Welcome to the family Princess Lilly! :-)


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